Spinning For Rainbow Trout

When the average person thinks about fishing for rainbow trout, many times the first thing that comes to mind is “fly fishing”, but the truth of the matter is that fishing for these beautiful fish with spinning gear is a very popular and effective method as well. Many spin fishermen tend not to take the act of fishing for rainbow trout with spinning gear very seriously though, and thus the technique of spinning for rainbow trout has gotten a bad name in many area’s.

Spin fishing for rainbow trout doesn’t have to have a bad name though as the technique (if taken seriously) can be as effective and enjoyable a way as there is to catch these beautiful fish. I have been spinning for rainbow trout for more than two decades and in this article will outline a few rules that should be followed by anyone who wants to take their spin fishing to the next level.


    1. The Size Of You Gear – This is the biggest mistake that spin fishermen make when they are spin fishing for rainbow trout; they almost always use a rod and reel that are too large for trout fishing and the line that their reel is spooled with is too “large” as well. By using trout fishing gear that’s too large (heavy) they cost themselves bites from hungry rainbow trout. This is why you always want to employ an ultralight rod and reel and make sure that the reel is spooled with 2, 4, or 6 pound test (at the heaviest) anytime that you are fishing for rainbow trout. Fishing baits


    1. The Techniques That You Use – For many people, spin fishing for trout simply means tying on a small spinner, casting that spinner into the water, and retrieving said spinner. There are much more effective techniques that should be used when spinning for rainbow trout such as: drift fishing, fly fishing with the help of a “fly fishing bubble, and even using tiny micro jigs fished under a small lightweight float. Learning a more effective technique such as the ones outlined above will help you experience a ton more success the next time that you head out in search of rainbow trout.


  1. The Time When You Fish – When most people head out to go fishing, they just go, without realizing that certain times of the day, week, and month are much more productive when it comes to fishing than others, and that these times can be predicted with a certain degree of regularity. How can these times be predicted you ask. Well, although you can get as deep into this subject as you see fit, the easiest way to determine the best time to fish is to learn the simple ways that the weather and the moon impact fishing and start to plan you fishing trips around this information

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