Finding Good Quality Baby Food

All new mommies and even the seasoned ones want their children to eat good wholesome foods. Unfortunately many moms do not have the time to do the processing of the baby food themselves, but maybe grandma does. Starting with new babies that are ready for ‘baby food’ an investment in a good food processor is a must. We all know the organic fruits and vegetables are the best for our children, start them young and you will not have a problem with them eating their vegetables later on in life. Next time you buy baby food in the little bottles, read the ingredients; it could scare you half to death as to what is in them. russian chocolate

When processing your own baby food you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the wee little ones are eating good healthy food, and this will carry them through life. Some will argue that buying fresh fruit and vegetables, especially organic is so expensive and they just cannot afford them. Well, if you take away the processed food you are giving your children now, pre mixed foods, candy and junk food; one might be able to afford at least fresh fruits and vegetables.

When making your own baby food, look for the freshest fruits and vegetables you can find. Using these will give your child different flavors and textures to explore. Children, especially the younger ones have no choice but to eat what parents put in front of them. When your newborn is ready for solid foods, try mashing up a papaya or a cooked butternut squash, these are great to start out with. This will give the child something to think about, like wow, this is really good. As they start to get older and wanting more of a variety of food try a mashed boiled carrot or even a potato is a great meal for them.

You do not actually need a processor if you cannot afford one; you can mash all this good baby food up with a fork. A baby’s system is yet to be developed completely so do not add sugar to your homemade foods. Fruits are naturally sweet so there is no reason to add sugar. It should be bland for a little while for them to digest the foods. As they get older start adding different textures and flavors, slowly at first. Some will refuse to eat mashed peas but then love mashed broccoli.

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