Effects On Smoking

Smoking is a habit which is not good. But today many people are addicted to smoking, especially among teenagers, even on some social environment, smoking becomes a natural habit. A lot depends on cigarette nicotine which is an addictive substance that gives the effect of dependence on someone who smokes, so that their smoking habits was difficult to leave, even though they know the effects on smoking is not good to their bodies.

The effects on smoking which is not very good are not only happening in the smoker, but also the people around him, against the family and also his son are usually called passive smoking. Therefore only natural that I think that someone who smokes in public is actually a person who has the personality is not good, because the cigarette smoke that he would also remove inhaled by others.

Below I will explain the effects on smoking that can happen, hopefully benefit the friends who read it. So for those of you who do not have the habit of smoking may still not smoking forever and for those of you who already have the habit of smoking can give you the intention to immediately stop smoking.

Effects of Smoking on the Lungs

Cigarette smoke is the main and most common cause of damage that occurs in the lungs. Inhaled cigarette smoke will irritate the respiratory tract, irritation if it occurs continuously, there will be damage to airway tissue. Every single time we inhale cigarette smoke, so we too will suck around 4800 hazardous chemicals, nicotine and tar is the most well-known substance. These chemical substances will be providing various kinds of effects do very well against our lungs. Starting from the disturbance of balance of oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, until the occurrence of lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), emphysema and lung cancer. Cigarette smoke is the main cause of the occurrence of lung cancer. Did you know that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in the world today? dr hanf duisburg

Effects of Smoking on the Heart and Circulatory System

Cigarette smoke is also considered a major factor against interference with the heart and circulatory system. Actual effects on smoking on the heart and circulatory system occur indirectly, but due to the disruption caused in the lungs, the heart will work harder to meet the adequacy of oxygen in all body tissues. Fulfillment process oxygen in body tissue is also accompanied by vasoconstriction of blood vessels. If this excessive cardiac work and vasoconstriction of blood vessels occurs in a long time, it will cause damage to the heart and blood vessels, which usually begins with the onset of high blood pressure.

Effects of Smoking on the Mouth and Nose

Initial effect that occurs in the mouth and count is the interference with the gland that has the function of smell and taste. Statistics show that smokers have higher rates of incidence of dental disease and early against the occurrence of tooth loss. Long-term effects that may occur due to cigarette smoke in the mouth and nose are the incidence of cancer of the mouth and nose.


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